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Final Salary Pension Transfers

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It has never been a better time to review your final pension scheme given the historic low gilt yields and the generous transfer value enhancements on offer by some schemes.

We work with various independent financial advisers who specialise in Final Salary schemes, and have the requried FCA permissions and qualifications to provide advice on whether you should transfer out of your scheme. Do not delay reviewing your pension scheme as many IFAs will offer an initial consultation 'on the house'. whether you are just looking to transfer your pension, or you are actually close to your retirement date, get in touch now and ensure you get the best advice.

We will only refer you to Financial Advisers who are independent, directly regulated by the FCA and will be conducting the work themselves. Often clients are introduced by many different companies before a specialist provides a recommendation. We will only refer you to a firm and adviser once we have conducted our due diligence on them.

How much is my pension worth?


Transfer values are only available to "deferred members" of schemes. This means you've left the company, or are about to leave, but have yet to start your pension. Once a final salary pension is in payment it cannot be transferred.

The transfer value will depend on your age, the level of forecast pension when you retire, your retirement date and how generous the annual increases are on your pension both in deferment and when it gets paid.

New proposals have been made to permit any unused drawdown account to passed on free from inheritance tax when you die./

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You can now take as much (or as little) income as you want in order to match spending requirements and plans for tax-efficiency.

Exceptionally low interest rates have led to high transfer amounts.

New rules will allow pensions to be passed down the generations, bypassing inheritance tax.

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Inappropriate Investments

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