Few words about us

Who are Easy Financial Planning?

We, at Easy Financial Planning, regard ourselves as specialists in pension reviews, transfers and income drawdown. Our successful history can be traced back to 1988 and we have a team of Financial Advisers, Paraplanners and Pension Specialists with significant industry experience. We act as the pension adviser of choice for many Independent Financial Advisers all over the country. We are part of Spectrum Independent Financial Advice Limited, who are an appointed representative of Prism EBC Limited, who are directly authorised by the FCA.

How are Easy different?

You will be assigned a dedicated Financial Adviser, Case Manager and Paraplanner!

Our Financial Adviser will discuss your situation informally to start with, and if you both decide that you need pension advice, he will arrange a ‘fact-finding’ meeting with you to gather as much information as possible in order to start the advice process.

Our Case Managers will then progress with your case, and write to your ceding schemes to gather all the information needed for the analysis, research and reporting stage.

The Financial Adviser and suitably qualified Paraplanners will then analyse your information and finalise your recommendation report.

This will be sent out to you, and a meeting will be arranged with our Financial Adviser whereby they can answer any further questions you may have.

If our advice is to change your arrangements in any way, our Case Managers will arrange all of this for you and provide you with a weekly update!

The Easy Process

1) The Case Manager gathers all data and produces a ‘pre-report’ checksheet to ensure all accurate information has been obtained. (After step 1. If the case relates to a final salary scheme, a G60 / AF3 qualified paraplanner would be assigned to the case, and would produce the report after an initial TVAS report is produced.)

2) A paraplanner / Financial Adviser analyses the case and produces a recommendation report.

3) A second paraplanner then checks the advice given by the first.

4) A proof reader then checks over the report.

5) A G60 / AF3 qualified paraplanner will provide sign-off.

6) A director will offer final sign-off.

We do not accept insistent clients, and our decision to not proceed with any case is final, unless additional information is provided which we believe changes the client’s material circumstances in such a way to warrant reviewing our decision. We will not base or change our recommendations as a result of client request.

Investment Recommendation

We have a centralised investment process and investment committee to ensure the investments that we recommend are suitable.