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This is a graph to project at what age your retirement capital will run out, taking into account three levels of investment return, Cautious, Balanced and Adventurous. Please input your 'total pension funds' as the total value from all of your pension plans (if you have more than one).

Your attitude to risk will determine the estimated level of annual return. A 'Cautious' level of return may amount to -0.5%, a 'Balanced' level of risk may produce a return of 2.5% and an 'Adventurous' level of risk may produce a return of 5.5%. These levels of return are taken from the FCA's assumed growth rates for lower, middle and high growth rates, and also factor in inflation of 2.5%.

The 'initial tax free withdraw' should be the figure that you are looking to take immediately as tax free cash. If this is taken within a new drawdown product, the maximum allowed would be up to 25% of the total pension value*.

(*Please note that you may have some form of protected / enhanced tax free cash in your current pension schemes.)
The 'annual withdrawal' is the level of annual income that you would like to draw from the total retirement benefits.

Please note that this tool should only be used as a guide and projects when your pension pot may deplete based on certain assumptions. If you would like a full analysis and review completed, please get in touch with one of our advisers. The 25% tax free cash limit is based on current pensions regulation which is subject to change.


This should be a figure between 0% and Max 25%.